Conferences & Lectures

Panels (Concept and Organization)


52nd Biennial Meeting of German Historians 2018
Panel Title: Human Rights and Gender in the 20th Century
(Together with Sonja Dolinsek)

Austrian Day of Contemporary History 2018
Panel Title: Human Rights and Gender in the 20th Century

Conference (Concept and Organization)


Conference (University of Vienna)
45 years after the reform of the Austrian Criminal Code: (Dis-)Continuities in the prosecution of homosexuals in Austria
(Together with Elisa Heinrich, Johann Kirchknopf, and Barbara Kraml)

Lecture Series (Concept and Organization)


Lecture Series (University of Vienna)
Gender and Human Rights from the Early Modern Period until the Present
(Together with Carola Sachse)

Lectures/Seminars given


Human Rights and Technological Change: Conflicts and Convergences since the 1950s (Cologne, Fritz Thyssen Foundation)
Individual freedom or responsibility to the community?
Human rights, contraceptive technologies, and fertility control in the 1960s and 1970s


Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena Panel
The recent state of democracy
(Together with Ian Kershaw, Christiane Lemke, Piotr Buras, Dieter Grimm)


Economic and Social History of Ireland 2017 Conference, Dublin
Globalizing the History of Irish Family Planning, 1968–1980

University of Münster Seminar
Between Freedom and Responsibility. Discourse on Overpopulation and the Human Right to Family Planning in the United Nations, 1968–1974


Austrian Academy of Sciences Workshop
Human Rights, Freedom, Well-Being: Framing the control of global overpopulation in humanitarian terms, 1950–1960

Austrian Day of Contemporary History 2016
Development Economics, Women’s Movement and the Cold War: Human Rights and Population Questions at the UN Symposium on Population and Human Rights, 1974


Lecture Series: Gender and Human Rights in the 20th Century (University of Vienna)
Human Rights and Global Population Policies in the Second Half of the 20th century


Austrian Day of Political Science 2014
The Post-Colonial Body: International Population Policies and Birth Control in the 1960s and 1970s


19th Workshop on History and Memory of National Socialist Concentration Camps „Stigmatisation – Marginalisation – Persecution (Kassel, Germany)
Discourse on Homosexuality and Castration in National Socialism

5th Workshop of Women’s and Gender Studies at the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies (University of Vienna)
„Voluntary Emasculation“ of Homosexual Men in National Socialism